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Contact me for further info about any of the following -

Where: Massey, Auckland
Cost: $15 per person (subject to change, depending on the project of the month)

Monthly Stamp Session  - Evening - 7.30pm

This is on the second Friday of each month (or otherwise notified), so the dates for 2016 are:

Feb 12th
Mar 11th
Apr 8th
May 13th
Jun 10th
Jul 8th
Aug 12th
Sep 9th
Oct 14th
Nov 11th
Dec 9th

Monthly "Mum & Me" Session - Day - 2pm

This is on the first Saturday of each month(or otherwise notified), so the dates for 2016 are:

Feb 6th
Mar 5th
Apr 2nd
May 7th
Jun 4th
Jul 2nd
Aug 6th
Sep 3rd
Oct 1st
Nov 5th
Dec 3rd

Sample: March 2013 Project - Explosion Box


If you are finding that you have a long wish list but you have a strict budget, then stamp clubs are ideal for you. This way, you are only committed to a minimum order each month for a set period of time, so you are investing in your craft tools in a managed way. And in one of those months, you will be the "hostess" which means you will be guaranteed the hostess rewards of at least $55 in any current product of your choice. Free products - woohoo! Free products of your choice - double woohoo!!

Eg: Club A has 7 members. Each member is committed to an order of $50 each month for 7 months. (They can always place more, but the minimum is $50.) Each month, the total order of the group will be at least $350, which means it qualifies for $55 hostess dollars for one member. The club's subscription is for 7 months, one for each member. At the end of the 7 months, you may renew your subscription.

Eg 2: Club B has 10 members, each member committing to $35 of order each month for 10 months. 

Subscriptions are available for 3 months, 5 months, 7 months, or 10 months with monthly minimum spend of $117, $70, $50, $35 respectively. 

All Stamp Club members will also be able to attend my monthly Stamp Class for free.

Contact me at for queries.


A workshop is when you are the "host" of a Stampin' Up! party. It can be in the comfort of your own home or it can be at my humble abode - as a Host your role is to invite the attendees! This is a great way to get some friends together to connect with one another while hand crafting one or two beautiful projects.

When you host a workshop:

1) you'll receive a free annual catalogue from me
2) you'll get some great ideas and tips on paper crafting
3) you'll have the opportunity to earn free Stampin' Up! products of your choice (based on the sales of your workshop)

If you have never experienced a Stampin' Up! workshop or class before, contact me to book or register for an event. It is a lot of fun, and you'll also build wonderful memories and long lasting friendships while growing your creativity!


Are you looking for party ideas for a special occasion like your child's birthday? In the past, you have had fairies or clowns come and entertain your child and party guests, what now? They will love a Stampin' Up! party where they get to craft and make beautiful projects!

Contact me at to discuss - I'd love to be part of your party line up.

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