Sunday, 8 March 2015

SAB 2015 DSP Covered Notebook

A round of applause for me please - I actually broke open a Sale-A-Bration DSP pack while the SAB promotion is still on! Confession time, I believe last year's DSP pack is still sealed. It's not because I don't like it, rather, it is because I love it so much that I was waiting for the "perfect" project to use it on. Well, I have set myself a challenge this year to break open a DSP pack when I get it and use it as soon as possible.

Altered notebooks is not a new trend, and one I would actually like to do more of. Just look at the contrast below:

Which of the two would you rather have? That's a rhetorical question - of course you would want the one on the right, surely!

I stocked up on these little notebooks during Back To School sale when it was down to 5c each. Seriously? Best. Bargain. Ever. Even when not on sale, these useful little books are still a bargain at 59c each. I love that it fits inside my everyday handbag, because it means it is very accessible. I know, we live in a modern technology age, however, I still love the old fashion way of writing to do lists, recording progress of each project/task I am involved with. I have kept this one fairly minimal with embellishments since I don't want it to be bulky and it just simply won't do to have 3D embellishments and still fitting inside my bag. Haha, yes, it's all about the handbag.

Just think of the possibilities - instead of the notebook being for "Notes", maybe you might want to use it to keep a Gratitude Journal? Or an "Ideas" Journal. A Prayer Journal. What else can you think of? 

I thought I had finished altering the notebook, until I began to wonder about how to keep it fairly unblemished from being handled lots and for living in my oft times over stuffed handbag. I did a crude job of making a cover sleeve for the book using two medium size cellophane bags, but it seems to be working :-) Added bonus is, as you can see above, I can slip things in the sleeve like a pocket.
Well this will have to do until I find where to purchase a cover sleeve for this size notebook.

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Summerose said...

this company sells the covers for school exercise books and they can be reused year after year, maybe something you would like to use on your altered notebook

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