Monday, 16 April 2018

Painted with Love Sisterly Friendship Page

In this post, I get the honour to introduce my friend Donna's work!

Donna always tells me she's a scrapbooker and she only makes cards when she comes to my classes. I am so glad she does. Donna is an example of friendship that has blossomed out of a shared love for paper crafting. As happens so often in my experience, customers become firm friends as we do what we love and love what we do - together!

Donna loved the Painted with Love Specialty DSP as soon as she laid eyes on the suite and I believe she was very quickly inspired by it and knew exactly how she was going to use it in her double spread.

I love how scrapbooking is not just about recording what we do but more than that, it is about telling our stories. Ali Edwards (designer, blogger, author and who inspires me with her passion for preserving memories) says, "we scrapbook because we have something to say, we have something to celebrate, and something to learn about ourselves in the process." Beyond the beautiful background page, the glittering hearts and creatively put together embellishments, even beyond the pictures of the two beautiful girls, it is Donna's words on the page that tells the story. This is just my interpretation of course, but it seems to me Donna desires her daughters to value each other, that they will value and fight for their friendship forever, and to remind them how "playing around" together, the shared experiences together, serves to forge a bond between them that is for life.

Thank you so much Donna, for letting me blog about your pages :-) You inspire me too!

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