Saturday, 22 June 2013

Card Making Contest by Sage

This was my entry in a recent Sage Kimble's card making contest which got a honourable mention - it got the most Likes on her Facebook! That coloured butterfly there, was my first attempt at the stained glass technique I mentioned here.

Well, instead of making a card tonight, I have been on the internet. I worked on the Header... boy, was it a tedious process, going back and forth, testing each image. After many hours, this is the look I have decided upon, for now. My conclusion: since this blog will be image rather than writing driven, a clean Header (and indeed overall blog look) is actually quite good. That way your eyes will be immediately drawn to the image of the first post as you enter this site. (But it was still hard not to choose an image that would somewhat scream ME! Besides it's not much to show for 2 hours of work, lol.)

In my internet rabbit trail tonight, I did come across Amy Lynn Andrews of Blogging with Amy fame. She was a "non techy" googling her way to start a blog back in 2004. In July 2011, what she was making online was sufficient to be her family's main source of income so that her husband can quit his job! I say, she's figured a thing or two about blogging, so I think it's worth finding out what she's willling to share. And your goal doesn't even need to be to make money from blogging. I am just so fascinated to read about a person's story. Our lives are truly stories worth telling.


Karen M said...

This is gorgeous. TFS - Karen

Deanna Gonzalez said...

This is so elegant and beautiful! What a wonderful Card! You are very talented Michelle!

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