Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hip Hip Hooray

Made by 4yo Master JP in about 5 minutes - no kidding!

I received my first Hip Hip Hooray card kit yesterday. Seriously, this kit is just simply value for money. See here for what you actually get in the kit. Today's post is really about emphasizing how easy  and fun it is to use the kit. There are 20 designs that come with the kit. I just got JP4 to pick which one he wants to make for JP14, then all he had to do is get all the required elements that come in the kit and assemble it - snap, it's done, a handmade card for for just $2! And cool enough for a 14 year old boy too, don't you think?

Contact me to order one, two or more of these kits - they are great for gifts, as well as to add to your own stash of cards to have on hand.

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