Wednesday, 3 December 2014

DIY Advent Sweets with Tiny Treat Boxes

These were quick to put together, thanks to Stampin' Up! Tiny Treat Boxes from the Holiday Catalogue. For just $14.50, I got 25 boxes all pre cut already so I just have to assemble together, no adhesive required. I already had a ton of red 1" circles cut out from another project I did with peeps several years ago (yup, I have kept them all these years, thinking I will put it to good use one day!). As it was pretty late at night on the 1 Dec when I put these together, I decided to just hand write the numbers in Chalkboard Pen. These boxes are all filled with 6 treats each for the 6 members of our family (sigh, little 3yr old gets them too, even though with my firstborn, he would not have been allowed sweet treats every day when he was 3 yrs old!) I think it is more exciting than the commercial advent chocolates because those are the same choccies each day. The kids get a surprise each day because the boxes are filled with different treats. The hard work is on my part, shopping at the pick and mix section in the supermarket :-) 

I always attempt to make these Advent activities more meaningful than just getting a sweet treat. Each day one of us will think of a word that expresses what our family is thankful for. Short and sweet does it, but I think it is important that we all get in the habit of taking a moment to be thankful. It is also far too easy to just say "I'm thankful for everything", so being specific is what I am after from the kids when we do this little activity.

I really do like Advent calendar ideas, so if you have done one, please do let me know in the comments, here or on Facebook.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for visiting!

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