Sunday, 12 April 2015

DIY Candy Jars

Amazing fun was had by all who attended my Mum & Me class yesterday! This project was introduced to the Creative Inkers Demonstrators Team at our recent Stamp Camp in February by Juliette Riddell. For the class, I got all the supplies (terracotta pots/saucers, rounded fishbowl like glass jars and plastic door knobs, paint and appropriate adhesive) from various stores and then painted them all in white so that the Mums and Children have a neutral base to work with. TIP: if you are doing this, may I suggest you use spray paint - it was a lot easier and so much quicker to dry. I learnt the hard way as I painted it with brush and paint! I did use the spray paint for the last coat, that's how I  know what difference it made ;-)

I love watching everyone design their own embellishments, the colour choices each made, and from the children, I learnt what quick decision makers they are! Unlike some of us adults, the children don't deliberate too long at all - they just find what they like and away they went! I should challenge myself to do that at my next personal card making time.

Here are a couple of pictures of most of the candy jars made by the Mums and their daughters. I am so proud of each one of them. Well done ladies and princesses.


Marilyn Meadows said...

Lovely Michelle
Cheers Marilyn

michelle pepper said...

Thank you Marilyn

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