Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Adventure Awaits

Today's card is a re-visit of the retired bundle of Adventure Bound DSP stack and the Adventure Awaits stamp set. This stamp set is in the "Not to part with" pile because I felt that the sentiments will come in handy on many different occasions. It has proven so on this occasion. I made this card to encourage my 11 year old boy, who woke up in the morning to it by his bedside (because yeah, my craft time is at night when everyone else is in bed). Naturally, he was surprised to be given a card (after all it isn't his birthday). I am so pleased with his response when I asked him if he understood what the sentiment meant. "That you don't get good at something if it is all easy." That's accurate enough eh.

Not giving up, having perseverance, and to have courage - all just a part of daily education for the young and old alike. Mr 11 year old is taking part in a Bible Quiz in two weeks' time, and his individual task for his team is to recite 1 Corinthians 13 - the well known Love passage. He has memorised the passage and most of the time he could recite it easily. But, as he is finding out now, it is quite different to be upstanding and reciting to an audience. For some reason, to be upstanding and reciting to judges who may just stare at you blankly, can be quite unnerving to the point you would just go blank suddenly, completely unable to recall what you have been working hard to commit to memory. It has happened to him 3 times now in practice, and each time he really got quite worked up. His response each time had been in tears and wanting to throw the towel in. Yet each time, he would eventually recover and being just a little bit more determined to see it through. That, to a mother, is commendable. I am so proud of Mr 11, no matter what happens on the day of the Bible Quiz, whether he recalls the passage well or not.

Back to while I got the supplies out, I just quickly whipped up these to send to a friend who just pulled her boys out of school to homeschool them. "The Adventure begins" - how entirely appropriate is that? I told ya, this set was in, and will remain in, the "Not to part with" pile.

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M xx

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