Sunday, 20 October 2013

Jamie's 4th Birthday

I love using the Circle Treat Cups for a fun and novelty card. Lego, chocolate candy and money... all that a 4 year old really wants right? Hope so! I actually had a Gruffalo book ordered but it hasn't arrived in time, so that will have to be Christmas present :-) The coins are $1 coin and there are four of them, one for each year of age. That's a tradition we do in our family, now I'm just extending it to the extended family :-)

I actually made quite a few major mistakes in the process of making this card, but all is well that ends well. Hence the inside panel uses a DSP that doesn't coordinate with the DSP panel on the front of the card. See the tabs? You pull those to reveal the trap door to access the contents in the treat cups. Clever huh? Novel, surely! I had such a lot of space left at the top of the front panel too, so I search and search through my stamp sets and you know what? I don't have a big enough, one line, birthday greeting! So now I'm looking through the catalogue for the perfect birthday greeting for children's cards. In the end, this banner idea took a lot longer to do than I had thought, however, I think it turned out great. A lot of work for a 4 year old boy's birthday card? He's worth it :-)

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