Saturday, 1 March 2014

Basic Betsy's Blossoms 2012-13 In Colours

Stamp Nation (SN) founder Catherine Pooler, affectionately known by us SN members as "Queenie", has done it again! This time, she has teamed up with Maureen Merritt and Iwona Palomountain, to release the latest Online Card Class, Basics & Beyond.

 Tell me more about Basics & Beyond

Click on the image above and let Catherine tell you what this class is all about. 

I am truly enjoying the class...I know, I don't consider myself a beginner card maker, but you know, you just shouldn't neglect the basics and sometimes we need a little reminder of the basics right? 

Well, one of the basic card designs was the inspiration for this card that I designed for my "Mum and Me" class in March. 

I thought it would be great to teach some basic/handy information to the children (and the mums, too, heehee) like that the card stock we get in NZ is the standard A4 size which is 21cm wide therefore to half it lengthwise you measure and cut at 10.5cm then score and fold each piece in half to get your basic portrait style card base.

Well, you get two card bases from one sheet of A4 card stock, so since I already have my supplies out for one card, why not make another one. But oopsie, can you spot what started wrong in the following card? (Hint: Compare the placement of the big yellow blossom to the card above that I was meant to make another copy of.)

Yep, I didn't stamp it in the centre!!!! 

I have learned, however, that there are no mistakes in card making. There are only opportuntites to explore, design and create. So don't throw the card stock away just because you didn't stamp it where you were meant to. Just work with it and see, another design will work (and if not, that's okay, you would have learnt what does not work, lol). In the end, the card above had a nice balance after all. Well, I think so anyway :-)

Stampin' Up! Betsy's Blossoms #131955 (WM) #126006 (CM)

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Kristie Goulet said...

These are great cards, Michelle and perfect opportunity to be creative on the second card. Turned out beautiful. :)

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