Saturday, 6 July 2013

Summer Silhouettes

This week had been a busy birthday week - so not only did I make three birthday cards this week, but I actually got round to putting two of them in the post! This is quite a feat for me, who has been known to make cards for people, only to forget to mail it, in time, or at all!!! As for the third card (see the next blog post), I gave it the lovely recipient tonight.

This one is for Erica (hi lovely, if you are reading this :-) you should have received it by now!)
See that flower embellishment? That is SU!'s newest product offering, the Simply Pressed Clay (#130685) used in the Buttons & Blossoms Simply Pressed Clay Molds (#131272) - both products on p167 of the Annual Catalogue just released this month. The clay is so lovely to work with and oh, these are quite possibly the products I am most excited about from this new catalogue. And believe me, there are many products that I am excited about, lol.

This one is another variation, and it's for Pippa. I know she has received it as I received her txt to thank me. I was very proud of myself for mailing it to her, because, well, I have only been meaning to mail her a birthday card each year for the last 3 years...

Both these cards are CASEd (acronym for Copy and Share Everything) from one of my card making mentors, Catherine Pooler. She is one amazing, talented paper crafter. She is so fluid in her style, it's amazing to watch her creative process. There is such an air of carefree-ness about her, yet there is nothing random about her cards. And her video tutorials are one of the best in card making in that she is concise, very easy to listen to, and she makes it look so easy that each time after I watch her, I'd feel pumped and ready to tackle the project too. And, I get to "hang out" with her on StampNation too. One day, perhaps, I will get to meet her in person.

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