Friday, 19 July 2013

Waterfall Fox & Friends

More waterfall cards? I'm afraid so...we're on to a good thing here, so, why not? Seriously...

The reason I have to share this one is simply because my little 4 year old made this and he is very pleased with it. Proud Mama here thought he had such an eye for co-ordination, picking out that background paper (from the retired DSP stack Print Poetry) to co-ordinate with the "waterfall" part of the card.

 I have decided that Waterfall cards are the way to go when I next do a Children Stamping Workshop/Party. The children really only need to stamp on 4 little squares of card stock, so that should be very manageable, right? The WOW thing though is this is an interactive card and the children just get so delighted playing with it.

Go on...if you haven't already made a waterfall card, even after seeing all these samples I have blogged about, what are you waiting for? A word of warning though - it can be addictive!

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